Component 3

Strengthening Planning and Management; will support three main activities:

  • Carrying out of a program of activities to support Project management and implementation, including: (i) Project management and supervision including procurement and financial management and technical audits; (ii) Project coordination, monitoring and communication activities including strengthening of Education Management Information System and supporting independent third party monitoring of the Project activities ; (iii) capacity building of relevant staff in agencies involved in the execution of the Project; (iv) provision of technical assistance to support key education reforms including carrying out studies and supporting strategies for integrating islamiyya and pre-primary schools within public basic education system.
  • Carrying out of a program of activities designed to build and strengthen institutional capacity – and support monitoring and evaluation of education sector – at state and local government levels, such a program to include such activities as; (i) providing technical and operational support to SUBEB and LGEA in monitoring and supervising Project activities; (ii) the design and delivery of the early grade reading assessment surveys; (iii) strengthening of national learning assessment system; (iv) and carrying out of impact evaluation of select aspects of the project as well as annual audit of the School Improvement Grant program.