Sub Component A


This component will provides scholarships support to girls in primary schools in order to encourage increased their enrollment thereby promote gender inclusion and equality in basic education.

All poor households with female pupils enrolling in Primary 1 in the school year could be eligible subject to the following criteria:

  • registration at the beginning of session,
  • daily attendance for minimum of four days in a week,
  • punctuality and staying in school until closing for not less than 80% of required period.


The eligible expenditures for funding under this subcomponent are all expenditures to cover the education and related costs of sending their children to school in order to aid access, retention of pupils and improve learning outcomes in school. These include:

  • Indirect costs for girls’ school attendance such as transportation
  • Direct cost such as pupils’ materials to support access and retention such as uniforms, shoes, book, bags, etc.
  • Feeding of the Pupil


Table 5.5: Girls Scholarships Education (Number of Scholarships/Beneficiaries)

2015 8000  
2016 9500  
2017 10000  
2018 11438  
Total 38938  


Key results will include:

  • More girls enrolling and completing basic education.
  • Reduction in out-of-school children
  • increase in number of Pupils who are punctual and stay in school until closing for at least 80% of the required period
  • Gender Parity in basic education.
  • increased number/percentage of Pupil beneficiaries from remote locations and the poorest communities