Sub Component B


This sub-component will support the inclusion of girls in basic education and promote gender equality by providing scholarships to female teachers who will be encouraged to act as mentors and role models to girl Pupils in schools and the communities. Eligible female teachers will receive funding on the basis of having complied with criteria including registration and at least 80% attendance of the course.

Specifically, the sub-component will support:

  • Women who already have jobs in the system to upgrade their qualifications
  • Women who have the minimum qualifications (5 credits with Math’s& English) but have financial constraints with the admission process, to enter a training program
  • Existing Female Teacher Training Scholarship Scheme introduced by UNICEF and implemented by GEP 3 which supports the identification, selection, and costs of female secondary school leavers to apply for and attend colleges of education; qualify as holders of National Certificate of Education (NCE); and receive a commitment of employment and deployment to rural areas from participating state governments
  • Female secondary school leavers to become teachers through pre-service in Isa Kaita College of education

Also the sub-component will provide funds to support accessibility and retention of qualified female teachers in service through:

  • contribution to course fees, learning materials, and transportation
  • benefit for a minimum of 1 year to a maximum of 3 years of training
  • help to ensure that female teachers secure the needed qualifications to be properly accepted in the teacher profession and to grow/develop as a teacher[1]
  • A stipulated bond would be signed by beneficiaries


This Sub-Component will also support increase in participation of women in schools and in school based management thus ensuring participation of women in decision making for schools.

Table 6.6: scholarship amount per female teacher.

(Based on existing schemes)

States Amount of Scholarship per Female Teacher
Katsina N50,000 (approx. USD 312)


Table 7.7: Scholarship for Female Teachers (Proposed Number Beneficiaries)

Years Number female teacher scholarship
2015 410
2016 300
2017 1044
2018 322
Total 2076


Key results will include:

  • increased number of female teachers who are supported to receive their qualifications and remain in teaching
  • increase in the supply of qualified female teachers who will then have a greater opportunity to progress in teaching and education management
  • increase in girls’ enrollment and retention rates in primary schools
  • increase in girls transition rates into junior secondary school through scholarship recipients’ mentorship and role modeling
  • increase in girls’ academic performance
  • improved public perception and support for girls education in the NIPEP states

[1] As indicated in the PAD of September 2014, par. 91, p. xvi